ISMIR 2013 will include a music program centered on selected and invited concerts.

ISMIR 2013 invites submissions of musical composition for evaluation and possible inclusion in the concert program. We encourage works that explore the notion of music information in the widest sense of the term. As the use of technology in music creation develops across composition and performance practices, structured data plays an increasingly important role in the processing of musical materials, their analysis and their manifestation in a live environment.

The music program in the conference will be centered around two or three concerts that will take place on November 3rd and November 5th.

General Guidelines

Considering that ISMIR 2013 will be held in Brazil we encourage proposals that transit in the intersection of musical information analysis, environmental sounds and music produced with rhythmic complexity and interaction between audiovisual and movement. To assist the extraction of rhythmic and music stylistic information, the organizers encourage the use of the Latin Music dataset for feature extraction. The works may use features extracted from this dataset as a way of structuring the composition on sonic diversity. Length of the works parts from 5 to 10 minutes.


Performance Guidelines

Composer should bring basic computational support for performing selected works (such as CD, DVD, Laptops and required software), musical instrument and interpret for works with live interaction. We encourage performers among musicians or other artists such as dancers, actors, etc.

ISMIR 2013 will provide a diffusion system as follows:

  • 08 audio channels audio with amplified speakers
  • 01 mixing console
  • 02 video projectors
  • 01 audio board for connecting laptops via fire wire
  • 02 condenser microphones
  • 04 cardioids microphones

Music Submission

It should include 3 elements:

  • Compressed recording of the tape part or audiovisual: a complete MP3 file or an MP4 excerpt up to 2 minutes, in case of audiovisual.
  • Performance instructions: a music score with complete description of the performance needs and a performance diagram including a description of the sound diffusion and stage or any other complete guideline clarifying the needs for performing the work. All these documents must be concatenated and submitted into a single PDF file.
  • Program notes: in another file the composer and performer(s) short biographies with 100 words each bio and a description of the work with 100 words. These texts will be included in the Concert’s Program.

The submissions should be made through the SoftConf system, which address is shown below:


All submissions will be subject to blind review by a Music Selection Committee composed by the Music Chair and invited musicians, with access to all submitted materials online.



Two or three concerts will take place in the ISMIR2013 program. The concert program will be made of a selection of submitted and invited pieces, under the responsibility of the Music Chair.



For each accepted work, at least one author must register to the conference for the ISMIR 2032 conference prior to the author registration.


All questions should be directly addressed to the ISMIR 2013 Music Chair at